New Nail Ideas Designed Just for Brides: Which Would You Wear at YOUR Wedding?

A lot goes into preparation for the big day, like picking out your wedding costume, following a strict beauty and skincare schedule before the wedding day, booking a makeup artist, getting the perfect mani-pedi and the list is endles. Oh, speaking of mani- pedi, nails are something that a bride-to-be can just not ignore. The bridal nail art has to look perfect because there are going to be times when people are going to see her hands and a tacky nail paint is not something a bride wants to be seen with. So to help you decide upon the perfect nail art for your big day easier, Here are round up of 10 best nail art designs for brides. For more details you can Visit:

All these nail art designs are really attractive in my opinion and would make you look an extra bit stylish. Every girl who’s married or is about to get married soon will agree with me on one thing- it is the most significant day of your life. All eyes are on you. Everyone watches you closely and as they say “first impression is the last impression”, a bride never wants to make the wrong first impression. So go ahead and print your desired nail arts and show your makeup artist on D day

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Acrylic nails look so cute and beautiful. They not only enhance your hands beauty, but also make a very crisp shape of your nails. Whether you want a classic French mani or something with a bit of sparkle, the digits are just anything thing on the bride’s list that she has to plan. Here are many wedding nail designs perfect for the bride-to-be.

  1. The glitter red French manicure

You can go for a nail art like this on your wedding day instead of the regular french manicure if you are someone who likes to stand out in a crowd (although, it’s your wedding day, so obviously you’ll be the one who’ll stand out for sure.)

  1. The white and gold French Nail Art Design

If you were a tomboy growing up or if you are nothing close to being a complete girly girl, then you can go for some classy white nails and ask your manicurist to jazz up your white nails with a ton of glitter like in the image above. This type of a nail art not only is great for a wedding as the white would complete the earthy shade of hina really well but will also look good on other wedding functions like your engagement etc.

  1. Elegant pink and lace bridal design

If style and class are your speciality, then go for nails like these! Some candy pink with stones and a lace design on your ring finger will give you all the style that you deserve!

  1. Neutral and metal classy nail art

If you are going for a beige or a pastel colour wedding dress and want to skip on the red nails, you can choose for a subtle neutral / nude nail art on acrylic nails and to add an additional bit of glamour, you can go for a metal and stones design on your ring finger. This makes for a very decent and a fuss free nail art design.

  1. Light pink nails with swarovski design

If you’re not like the classic bride who wants the whole thing red on her wedding day, you can choose a subtle pink manicure on gel or acrylic nails and then on one finger, go all out with some swarovski stones blast.

  1. Coral ‘n’ Floral NOTD

If you’re someone who likes red but you also don’t want the typical blood red nails, you can go for a more subtle coral nail art design. You can alternate plain nail paint with several fancy floral design and if you shape your nails square, that would make a whole lotta difference and everyone would be looking at ’em nails!

  1. Red hearts Nail Art for Indian Brides

If you’re the one who’s all about hearts and roses and everything red, then this is the nail art for you. Go for the brightest red you find and have you nail art artist make cute little hearts on your nails that say “love is in the air”!

  1. French manicure design with a twist

If you really do wish for a classic nail art, then go for the french manicure. But who says a french manicure has to look basic? you can go for a diagonal french manicure with studs and silver glitter.

  1. Marsala madness nail art

If your wedding is in the winter months and if you love deeper tones, then trying out a marsala nail art on your big day is the thing for you. Just go for a rich marsala nail paint and to give it an extra bit of glimmer, apply a chunky glitter nail polish on your ring finger.

  1. Nude and stones nail art design

Nothing screams simplicity and elegance more than a nude gel nail paint. Gel nails are all the rage presently so you can go for a gel nail paint in a nude shade that matches your skin tone and you can make the nail paint look fancier by going for some stones bows etc.